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What Is...

What is salty?

Salt is salty,

Unlike a pineapple.

What is hard?

A rock is hard

Just like a strong tree

What is quiet?

I am quiet,

Quiet like a mouse.

What is cunning?

A fox is cunning,

Swift while hunting.

What is bad?

Criminals are bad,

Stealing everything including lives.

What is soft?

A pillow is soft

Letting you sleep in peace.

What is art?

Paintings are art

Living in galleries.

What is green?

My eyes are green

Seeing everything.

What is black?

Darkness is black

Drowning out the light.

What is important?

Family is important,

No one left behind.

What is clear?

Drinking water is clear.

We are made up of 70% water.

What is beautiful?

Nature is beautiful.

The trees and flowers are captivating.

What is wet?

Water is wet.

Jimmy slipped on the muddy water.

What is wrong?

Violence is wrong.

Violence gets you nowhere but jail.

What is fluffy?

A lion's mane is fluffy

Protecting its neck from lethal bites.

What is annoying?

Just one mosquito is annoying.

Imagine a whole swarm!

What is clumsy?

Reagan's pig is clumsy

Falling down the stairs.

What is hard?

That rock is hard

As it hits my head.

What is loud?

My house is loud

When my siblings fight.

What is yellow?

The sun is yellow

As it hit my hot face.

What is quiet?

I am quiet

Unlike my brother.

What is loud?

My brother is loud

Unlike Eleanor.

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