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Career & Technical Education Courses

High school students now have the opportunity to take quality Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses online. Flexible start times.

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Local Classes

We offer local STEM and language arts classes for K-8th grade. Classes include science clubs, robotics, and writing.

Struggling Students

If your child is struggling in reading, writing, spelling, math, or has ADD, ADHD, we may have some answers to help you help your child.

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Parent Training Videos

We offer FREE training videos that give you step by step instructions on how to teach reading, writing, spelling, and math. We also offer advice on homeschool topics such as socialization, best curriculum choices, homeschool co-ops, scheduling, and so much more.

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Industry Certifications

Industry certifications are developed by industry leaders and reflect the needs of real-world career expectations and distinguish individuals from their peers when applying for jobs

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Check out the resource page for information on the best curriculum, helpful websites, and additional resources for your homeschool family.


We offer affordable printouts, games, and more to support your child's education. We are just getting started. There will be more to come.


Check out our blog! We will discuss issues related to homeschooling, scheduling, socialization, setting boundaries, and so much more! 


Mother of 3

Serena, a teacher with TruLearn, has helped us in many ways. I've attended her parent education workshops, my children have attended her classes, and she works with my children and I together. I would highly recommend Serena because she takes the time to make sure we excel. She cares about helping and always has good insight to keep engagement and structure. I'm incredibly grateful for everything and all the ways Serena has educated us. She has brought a much-needed hand to our community. We look forward to working with her and TruLearn further.

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