Struggling Students

Samples of Student Improvement


IMG_5414 (1).jpg


IMG_5415 (1).jpg

The coloring is from the same child, age 4, over a three-week period of time. The improvement is remarkable!

Finding Hope

Too many young people in the education system, both homeschool and public school, are falling behind their peers because they struggle in the areas of reading, writing, and math. These students include those who are developmentally delayed or have genetic disorders. Others may have learning disabilities, be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, or have difficulty understanding the concepts being taught. Memorization is another challenge for many students. At TruLearn, we offer help and hope to these children so they can reach their full potential without experiencing years of frustration and failure.

Our goal is to reach these struggling students where they are and help them overcome what they thought was impossible. We will do this by offering HANDLE® screenings and full assessments for students who struggle and work with them over a period of time to help them overcome learning challenges, while offering tutoring to help them overcome the barriers to success in education.


HANDLE combines an understanding of neuroplasticity and the interplay among mind, body and environment to help the brain gently change itself. It’s designed to enhance neurological systems that are causing learning or life difficulties, without force or judgment. HANDLE gets to the root of what some might consider problematic behaviors by listening and observing, not pushing or judging. It can assist children and adults labeled with learning disabilities and other mental illnesses mentioned above. 


There is hope and help for your child. Get in touch with us today.