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There was once a little kitten

Who fit inside a mitten.

She snuggled up tight

All through the night,

And woke up a sweet little kitten.

There once was a mayor named Billy

Who's gut was quite large and silly.

He went to the store

And fell on the floor

And that was the last of poor Billy.

There once was a unicorn named Kitty

Who lived in a land named Ditty.

She remembered a time

She played with a chime.

She thought she was really witty.

There once was a great white shark

Who found the legendary ark.

It stopped at a hill

And gave a big shrill,

And bumped into his friend named Mark.

There once was little boy

Who tripped on a tiny toy.

He let out a sigh

And slapped his thigh

And never came back to the toy.

The once was spider from Clider

Who drank down five cups of cider.

He then blacked out

And without a doubt,

He is now such a terrible spider.

There once was a small boy name Bobby

Who liked to eat beans in the lobby.

He tripped on his shoes

And so did poor Lu,

And that was the end of small Bobby.

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