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What Is...

What is loud?

A birthday party is loud,

When everybody screams.

What is hard?

A space rock is hard,

Flying toward the earth.

What is brutal?

Killing people is brutal,

Like the earth is right now.

What is crazy?

People are crazy

Drinking and doing drugs.

What is green?

A snake is green,

Crawling through the grass.

What is quiet?

A mouse is quiet,

Unlike the girls who saw it.

What is quiet?

A spider is quiet,

Stalking its prey in the night.

What is brown?

A scorpion is brown,

Stinging its prey in a fight.

What is scaly?

A snake is scaly,

As it hangs in the tree.

What is scratchy?

A shark is scratchy,

As it rips its prey apart.

What is screeching?

A hawk is screeching,

It dives toward its prey.

What is yellow?

A wasp is yellow

When it works with its hive.

What is blue?

The sky is blue

Unlike me and you.

What is sour?

A lemon is sour

Just like lemonade.

What is sweet?

Ice cream is sweet

As an apple.

What is stinky?

My old sock is stinky

When they're not washed.

What is soft?

A kitten is soft

When it cuddles up.

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