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Family Focus

Every family is unique. Their varied experiences in life shaped them to hold different priorities and values. One may choose religion, another music, and still another, sports, but usually a combination of subjects and activities are focused on. Some spend copious amounts of time in academics, while others take a more relaxed approach without the push. Is the focus of some subjects over others right or wrong? Should one family be deemed low for choosing academics, while another lazy for choosing the relaxed approach? Rigorous or lazy, one thing I do know, despite what anyone may say, each family will reap tomorrow what they sow today.

Thankfully, we are not stuck in the paths we have chosen. If at any time we look at the fruit in our children with concern, we can choose to go a different route. Staying the course, when the fruit warns changes should be made, is unwise. It is also just as unwise to change the course due to peer pressure, when the fruit you see is what you want.

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