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Comparisons That Destroy

The topic of comparison is not a new one to the homeschool setting. In fact, it is not new to mankind in general. Humans naturally look around at other people or families and compare and judge those around them to decide where they fit in the social structures of society. They also make decisions, based on actions, as to whether to associate with certain ones based on the fruit of what they see. This process of evaluation and action is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, we can use these instances to teach our children discernment, what to avoid, and how to keep oneself from falling headlong into the abyss of moral corruption. To say, “do not judge” would mean to stick your head in the sand and not admit there is a raging windstorm on top. Indeed, we must teach our children to discern right from wrong, to follow good and run from evil, or we will be neglectful watchman of those in our care. On the other hand, we can and often do, take this valuable tool of discernment to fulfill our baser needs to glorify ourselves at the expense of others. If used in the wrong way, this valuable tool can, and often is used in tandem with envy and jealousy. When this happens, division and loss of relationship is the result. What destructive fruit indeed!

The motivation behind the one is the preservation of lives. The motivation behind the other is jealousy and glory seeking. Look at the fruit in your life. Makes changes if necessary. Choose wisely.

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