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Seasons Come. Season Go.

In the spring, the snow melts and makes puddles all over the place. Everyone’s snowmen that they worked on over the winter melts, making little children cry very large tears. Trees start to grow leaves, and the children stomp through puddles and track mud all through the house. You can also take a walk through the woods to examine the prettiness. Parents prepare soil for their garden and plant their crops. Nevertheless, spring is still one of the prettiest seasons.

The summer is my favorite season of the year. It is super fun to have a picnic with family. You can watch fireworks in every state except for Alaska on the 4th of July. It is very enjoyable to go on a hike up a mountain. You can also have a BBQ and invite lots of friends. One of the best things to do during summer is going to the beach and making sand castles, but even better is that we can be done with school for almost a whole summer. Another enjoyable thing is to go swimming at a pool with some friends. Summer is the best season ever!

Autumn is the prettiest time of the year. Happily, little children jump into big piles of leaves that their older siblings have raked up. Going inside, they are greeted with a warm cup of hot apple cider. When their father comes home from work, to his children’s surprise, he brings home a few large pumpkins to carve. After they place their scary pumpkins on the porch, they jump off the porch and collect the beautiful leaves as they fall off of the trees. The next day they wake their mother up early so she can help them bake a delicious apple pie. While their pie is in the oven, they’re grandma comes for a surprise visit and helps them make fun projects and crafts out of the leaves that they had collected the night before. Autumn is definitely the most beautiful season.

During the winter, there are many fun activities to do. One of the most popular things to do during winter is to go ice skating and snowboarding. Another fun thing to do during winter is to build snowmen and have massive, intense snowball fights. On December 25, we have Christmas, and we get lots of fun, exciting presents. The next holiday is New Years, and we can watch fireworks when the clock strikes 12:00. Then we can go sledding until it’s time to leave. A couple days later, we can go ice fishing and catch hundreds of fish. Winter has a lot of fun activities you can do.

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