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All Four Seasons

Seasons come and seasons go, but whether we like them or not, they are here. They are all unique in different ways. For example, winter is cold and harsh, and summer is warm and fun. Another example is that spring and fall are both a transition from the extremes of summer and or winter. The entirety of the seasons has their own beauty.

Spring can be exciting because winter is almost over. Interestingly, it can also be sad because I want to do summer things, but I can’t because the snow is still everywhere. On top of that, the snow will harden making it sort of hard to get the ice off the driveway. I also enjoy playing outside with my brother. As spring warms up I am exuberantly waiting for summer.

A major part of summer is the temperature. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is baseball. I absolutely love this sport! Another aspect of summer is wood harvesting for the winter. Surprisingly, we can get a lot of wood off of the property. Zooming through the four-wheeler trail, I then turn into the lower field with my brother, in the back of a sled, being dragged by the four-wheeler. Believe it or not it’s actually safe. I don’t go too fast but fast enough. Yet another pro of summer is that it’s always light outside. My brother and I can go play outside at 8:00 P.M. The only con I can think of in summer are the mosquitoes. They are everywhere outside, but in exchange for all these nice things of summer, I can’t get mad.

Fall’s temperature is nice and cool. There is something about fall that just screams… “Winter is coming!” In preparation for winter, we have to get more wood. Another pro of fall is there are less mosquitoes. A con of fall is how dusty and or windy it is. Because of the windstorms, trees can fall over. Something interesting about fall is that, unlike summer, daylight is normal. In a while, fall goes and winter comes.

Winter is my least favorite time of the year, here are some examples. You may have a cold snap where it is 30 below outside, and then the next week it’s 0 degrees outside. In short, it's always cold in winter. You also have to do a lot of shoveling along with plowing the driveway. To haul wood we use a trash bin with wheels at the bottom. With the trash bin, we crab wood from the wood shed, bring it through the garage, down the steps, and then stack it on the wall. Yet another con of winter is the lack of sunlight. The sun will come up and then it will go down, and you get to do laborious work in the dark. For probably the worst season of the year; winter is sadly the longest. I don’t mean to sound like I hate winter, because the snow can sometimes make the mountains look beautiful. Also, you can go sledding which is outrageously fun.

All the seasons have their pros and cons. Winter can be dreary and summer can be so short. Fall can be just right, while spring can be just a transition between winter and summer. All in all, I think God made each season extremely well.

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