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American Sign Language 3b: Conversations & Culture

American Sign Language 3b: Conversations & Culture


Are you ready to discover ways in which Deaf culture influences the world in general? After all, the concept of culture goes far beyond an understanding of Deaf history. Through discussing Deaf culture and experiences, you’ll advance your signing skills by developing verb tenses, grammar, and syntax. Apply your language skills in real conversation activities and through opportunities to debate real issues. It’s also time to explore the next steps in education and career opportunities for your new intermediate ASL skills.

  • Do you disagree with your best friend about an important issue? Well, you might not know it until you try to discuss a controversial issue! Topics like politics, the environment, and climate science can be tricky to discuss (even in English) with friends or family members if opinions disagree. Here, we will learn how to engage in productive debate in ASL using correct grammar and facts to back up our positions.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Develop logical arguments in ASL to have productive ASL discussions on controversial issues
    • Use circumlocution and classifiers to describe complex environmental issues
    • Formulate discussions around climate topics using scientific vocabulary in ASL
    • Analyze political activism in the Deaf community
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