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Word: Office Fundamentals Series

Word: Office Fundamentals Series


Learn to effectively and efficiently use one of the most common tools of business, school, and personal correspondence! Discover how to format and style documents using fonts, colors and editing tools, create tables, use bullets and numbering, and insert images. Skills you learn in this course can be applied immediately and prepares you to take the MOS Word certification exam, and content is applicable to the Microsoft Office Suite certification exam.

  • Whatever your writing goals are, you’ll probably have the option to use Microsoft Word to make them happen. But before you can use any software to its greatest advantage, you have to learn how to find your way around it. You’ll learn how to create different types of business documents and how to edit, publish, and protect your files. In other words, this unit will open up for you a whole new world of word processing opportunities.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Create a Microsoft Word document in a number of styles and formats
    • Navigate a document in Microsoft Word
    • Customize the view and layout of Microsoft Word
    • Publish your Microsoft Word document in multiple formats
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