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Web Development 1b: Planning and Designing

Web Development 1b: Planning and Designing


Websites need to be functional, but they need to look great while doing the job! Now that you’ve learned how to create web content, you’ll learn how to apply design principles, like color combinations and font choices, to achieve the greatest impact. You’ll also learn the behind-the-scenes tasks of organizing your files, ensuring website accessibility, following intellectual property regulations, and performing site backup and maintenance.  Let’s unravel the web development process!

  • Let’s tackle some basic principles of good web design. Aesthetics—the study of beauty—suggests that there are a range of reliable principles we can use to create designs that are pleasurable and that communicate effectively, with respect to both information and emotion. We’ll be taking a look at a number of these principles organized around three essential categories: layout, color, and typography. This is a whirlwind tour of design, a subject to which many professionals devote their lives. But after this, you’ll be able to start thinking about your own design workflow, along with an understanding of how time-tested principles make statements about what beauty is.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Conceptualize and apply solid principles of web layout
    • Use a color wheel and create a design palette characterized by effective, complementary color combinations
    • Select sensible fonts, according to the mood a design is intended to project and how the fonts will relate to each other
    • Identify common tools used by web designers to select colors and fonts
    • Execute a basic workflow when creating a site’s design
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