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Sports Medicine 2a: Working With Clients

Sports Medicine 2a: Working With Clients


You’ve learned the basics about how the body works and how to attend to athletes’ injuries, but now, it’s time to get personal! Time to personalize and plan for clients, that is! In this course, you will learn to develop dietary and exercise regimes for clients based on their needs and goals. You’ll even have an opportunity to turn plans into action by designing workouts for your own example gym. Let’s hit the ground running and continue building towards a career as a trainer!

  • Have you ever wondered what happens inside your body to help you make the perfect pitch or run the fastest race or lift the heaviest load? What is the body actually doing in each of the systems to guarantee that you can successfully, without injury, execute the moves you wish to make? Finally, you must prepare the body for these masterful moves, so what steps do you take to ensure your body is ready for that all-out push? These questions should be on the minds of those training for competition and for those wishing to be more physically fit. Thinking about all human body systems and not just the muscular system matters!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Understand the muscular changes that occur due to exercise
    • Discuss the kinesiology of exercise and Wolff’s Law
    • Analyze the effects exercise has on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
    • Determine how the nervous and endocrine system sends messages to your muscles to cause your actions
    • Establish what demands exercise places on the body and how to watch for danger signs that the exercise is leading to damage
    • Ascertain the role of the coach or trainer in an exercise scenario

    Unit 2: The Basics of Exercise and Training

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