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Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships

Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships


Human beings are complex creatures, and when we interact and begin to form relationships and societies, things become even more complicated. Are we more likely to act differently in a group than we will when we’re alone? How do we learn how to be “human”? Examine answers to these questions and many more as you explore culture, group behavior, and societal institutions and how they affect human behavior.

  • In this unit, we will define what sociology is, learn about the sociological imagination, and discuss sociology’s relationship to other social sciences. We will also examine three of sociology’s founding fathers, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx, and their contributions to the development of sociology. Finally, we will discuss three perspectives that are used by sociologists to explain social behavior and society.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Learn about the sociological approach.
    • Learn what sociologists do.
    • Understand the development of sociology.
    • Understand the major sociological perspectives.
    • Understand sociology today.
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