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Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect

Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect


Public service is a field that focuses on building a safe and healthy world, and you’ll explore the many different career choices that are imperative to our comfort and success as a society. The protection of society is not only one of our greatest challenges, but it also provides ways for people to work together to ensure safety and provide indispensable services. If you have ever contemplated being one of these real-life heroes, now is the time to learn more!

  • This unit defines and explores public service. This field includes a wide variety of professions that have in common working for the public good. Everyone in public service, from first responders in emergencies to the individual that mows the lawn at city hall, has a role in keeping society functioning well. Much public service work happens through government agencies that set and enforce the rules and regulations required to keep societies safe. However, public service work is also about considering the future. This requires finding solutions for current problems and anticipating what challenges lie ahead. It also means having a clear vision of where an agency hopes to be in the upcoming decades and how to get there. When these visions are combined with a clear structure, the daily business of public service occurs. Part of these everyday operations includes making decisions that will impact the future, so they need to be made wisely.

    What you will learn in this unit?

    • Analyze economic, political, and social trends likely to impact an agency or department.
    • Discuss the need to infuse understanding of vision, missions, and goals into all departmental activities.
    • Define the concept of risk management.
    • Learn how to seek a variety of input from all stakeholders.
    • Assess the impact of probable changes on the public.
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