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Principles of Information Technology 1b: Working with Computers

Principles of Information Technology 1b: Working with Computers


Take the IT knowledge you have to a more advanced level. Starting with an overview of programming, algorithms, and compilers, you’ll then learn the basics of web page design and creating graphics. Explore security and cybercrime, emerging technologies, presentation software, and intellectual property laws. Finally, you will prepare for the future by discovering various careers in this field and planning your education!

  • Programming is one of the hottest industries currently. Even careers that are not traditionally thought of as technical are now requiring a basic level of programming knowledge. You will walk through the basics of coding, beginning with the cycle of how software gets developed, and then moving on to understanding how various programming languages can help solve certain problems. You will explore the world of algorithms, get exposure to the basic constructs of most programming languages, and even develop your own mobile app. Get ready for a jam-packed, fun-filled unit!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Identify the stages of the software development life cycle
    • Describe how programming languages help solve problems
    • Define and use algorithms and their basic building blocks of sequence, selection, and iteration
    • Distinguish among various programming constructs such as identifiers, containers, functions, and objects
    • Use drag-and-drop software to design and develop a simple mobile app
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