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Principles of Construction

Principles of Construction


The Principles of Construction course is intended to provide an introduction and lay a solid foundation for those students entering the construction or craft skilled areas. The course provides a strong knowledge of construction safety, construction mathematics and common hand and power tools.

    • Exploring Careers: Architecture & Construction
    • Construction       
    • Design/Pre-Construction          
    • Maintenance/Operations          
    • Basic Shop Safety           
    • Welding Shop Safety     
    • Personal & Occupational Health & Safety
    • Mathematics in Construction    
    • Measurement in Construction  
    • Physics in Construction
    • Introduction to Construction Drawings
    • Project Management Skills        
    • Understanding Construction Codes, Regulations & Contracts
    • Construction Machines & Equipment  
    • Hand Tool ID & Terminology I  
    • Hand Tool ID & Terminology II
    • Hand Tool ID & Terminology III
    • Introduction to Material Handling
    • Installation: Foundation & Subflooring           
    • Installation: Framing     
    • Installation: Drywall      
    • Installation: Doors          
    • Installation: Windows    
    • Installation: Roofing       
    • Emerging Technologies in Construction
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