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Office Administration 1b: Running the Office

Office Administration 1b: Running the Office


You have learned some of the skills that an administrative professional must possess, but now it’s time to take those skills to the next level! You will explore the responsibilities of an administrative professional to understand what a typical workday looks like and even what goes into searching for an administrative professional role: searching, applying, and (the most exciting part!) securing. Do you love the idea of being the glue in a successful business, helping everything run smoothly and properly? Then let’s continue your journey into the career of an administrative professional!

  • Now is a good time to gain a full understanding of the importance of prioritizing and getting organized so you can be ready to succeed in and outside of the workplace. This unit is designed to help administrative professionals work out the complexities of understanding your job and learn how to make the most use of your time by determining and prioritizing tasks and implementing strategies to ensure you take care of your greatest asset—you. We’ll also dive into self-awareness so you can discover and learn techniques to help you be your best self.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Familiarize yourself with job expectations
    • Understand workplace dynamics
    • Develop ways to manage and balance job responsibilities
    • Learn strategies for better time management
    • Acquire a knowledge of stress management
    • Identify ways to recognize work-life balance
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