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Medical Diagnostic Technology 1a: Introduction

Medical Diagnostic Technology 1a: Introduction


Have you ever wondered how a health professional knows how to diagnose an illness? Or what medications to prescribe to a patient depending on the person’s body and their signs and symptoms? Learn about different diagnostic technology used and essential body systems and fluids that need to be understood to make an accurate diagnosis of a disease, condition, or illness. This career field is flourishing, and now is the time to be part of it!

  • To treat a condition or illness, we need information that provides a diagnosis. The medical world is made up of many professionals specializing in body systems, as well as the technology that diagnoses and treats these systems. Have you ever wondered who these people are and what types of backgrounds provide the knowledge needed to perform these duties? As we explore the technology used to diagnose disease, we’ll also investigate the professionals who play a huge role in obtaining the needed information. Come along as we examine the history of medical diagnostic technology and the people who make using this technology possible!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Understand the major historical developments in medical diagnostic technology
    • Describe the roles, responsibilities, and skills used by laboratory, radiology, respiratory, and cardiology professionals
    • Identify the leading professional organizations
    • Analyze the trends in hiring medical diagnostic professionals
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