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Medical Assistant 1b: Medical Assisting in Action

Medical Assistant 1b: Medical Assisting in Action


It’s time to grab your latex gloves and snap them back into place so you can get a deeper look into the world of medical assisting! In this course, you’ll explore patient care and procedures, testing and care coordination, pharmacology and safety, and reimbursement and the law. You’ll also narrow your areas of interest so you can better determine what type of medical assisting may be best for you. Are you ready to continue on the road to medical assisting? Grab your lab coat and let’s get going!

  • How does the legal system influence the healthcare world? A quick answer to someone on the outside may be “not much,” but in fact, many legal and ethical aspects provide guidance for all types of medical professionals. From toeing the legal and ethical line to reporting violations, a medical assistant needs knowledge of these topics to stay within the bounds of the profession. When health and lives are on the line, you can bet the law has something to say about it!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Describe the difference between ethical and legal requirements and recognize basic legal terminology as it relates to professional liability
    • Identify laws and legal obligations related to a healthcare professional
    • Analyze legal requirements related to privacy and confidentiality of patient information
    • Explain legal documents related to informed consent and advance directives and how these documents are used in the healthcare environment
    • Summarize the importance of recognizing and reporting any legal or ethical incidents or violations
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