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Marketing Foundations 1b: Building Your Base

Marketing Foundations 1b: Building Your Base


Dig deeper into the world of marketing and what it means for business success! Become a marketing mix pro by studying understanding branding, advertising, promotion strategies, and more, through real-world applications and practices. And explore the secrets of advertising and promotion. Learn about effective sales techniques and discover employment opportunities to pursue a career in this exciting field!

  • Finishing a marathon in less than two hours? It’s never been done. In fact, it’s humanly impossible, right? Well, in 2017, Nike brazenly challenged this idea with a bold new marketing campaign for a cutting-edge product: Vaporfly Elite sneakers. The company launched the “Breaking2” project and shocked everyone by partnering with National Geographic to document it. A feature-length video resulted that chronicled the training of three of the world’s top marathon runners as they prepared for this very special live-streamed event. The result? Eliud Kipchoge came the closest but missed 1:59:59 by 26 seconds. Even though Breaking2 was technically a failure, the campaign itself was a huge win for Nike. The novel approaches they took to planning, developing, and marketing their product ended up capturing the hearts and minds of athletic fans all around the world. But how did Nike know which direction to take for these sneakers? Learn the secrets of their success—and more! On your mark… Get set… Let’s go!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Examine how businesses determine products/services to produce and sell
    • Identify key product-mix strategies and explain the significance of brands in product planning
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ensuring quality of products and services
    • Identify stages of the product life cycle
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