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Marketing 2b: Developing a Sales Team

Marketing 2b: Developing a Sales Team


How does a business make money? If you said sales, then you’re right! This course explores the secrets to sales. You’ll learn expectations, best practices, sales planning, building a clientele that becomes long-term buyers, and how to stay motivated to sell, sell, sell! If sales management is your goal, you’ll learn about management styles, how to find, hire, train, motivate, and compensate your team.

  • Take a walk to the mall and you’ll immediately notice that there are stores everywhere. They may be stores of your favorite brands, kiosks selling mobile phone accessories, or coffee shops. While all of these stores sell different things, they all depend on one thing to survive: sales. Sales is what allows each business to make money so they can expand their operations. But there’s a lot more to this profession than you may think. You’re about to discover the secrets of sales!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Understand personal success characteristics for different sales positions
    • Explain key factors in building a clientele
    • Understand the best practices in selling that lead to exceeding customer expectations
    • Explain business ethics in selling
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