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Management 1a: Introduction

Management 1a: Introduction


From the shift managers at small businesses to the CEOs of large companies, effective management is key to any organization’s success. Explore foundational management concepts such as leadership, managing teams, entrepreneurship, global business, finance, and technology and innovation. Engage in a capstone that pulls all of the concepts you’ve learned together, allowing you to see how management ideas can be applied to a business case study. Get started with learning the fundamentals of successful management.

  • Being a manager is about more than just a title or a raise in pay. Successful managers are expert communicators who can creatively assess problems, make decisions, and apply solutions, all while providing leadership to the employees who report to them. The duties of a manager vary depending on the management level, the size of the organization, and the type of business. Understanding what management is as well as the functions, theories, and trends involved will help all aspiring managers.

    What will you learn in this unit?

      • Define management
      • Explain the five basic managerial functions
      • Compare the art of management to the science of management
      • Describe different levels of management
      • Discuss the evolution of management theory
      • Compare and contrast organizational structures
      • Identify and interpret business trends
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