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Interior Design I

Interior Design I


The Interior Design I course is a technical course that addresses psychological, physiological and sociological needs of individuals by enhancing the environments in which they live and work. Students will use knowledge and skills related to interior and exterior environments, construction and furnishings to make wise consumer decisions, increase productivity, promote sustainability and compete in industry.

    • Basic Shop Safety
    • Personal & Occupational Health & Safety
    • Math & Measurement in Engine Technology
    • Engine Industry Documents
    • Diesel Technology: Tools & Equipment Identification, Safety & Operation
    • Diesel Technology: Systems Maintenance
    • Diesel Engines: Cooling System
    • Diesel Engines: Fuel System
    • Diesel Engines: Lubrication System
    • Diesel Engines: Air Intake System & Battery
    • Diesel Engines: Valves & Cylinder Heads
    • Diesel Technology: Equipment Maintenance
    • Emerging Technologies in the Engine Service Industry
    • Formulas for Career Success: Career Testing & Investigation
    • Virtual Job Descriptions for Diesel Technology
    • Internships 101: The Importance of Internships
    • Citizenship Basics
    • Employability Skills
    • Workplace Issues
    • Public Speaking Basics
    • Written Communication Practices
    • Multicultural Workplace
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