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Health Science Theory 1b: Health Science Skills

Health Science Theory 1b: Health Science Skills


You’ve built a solid foundation of knowledge of the healthcare field, and now it’s time to probe deeper into the healthcare profession. In this course, you’ll review key aspects of the broad category of safety as well as learn how to assess and treat patients for an array of injuries. You’ll learn how to identify emergencies, trauma and complex care, and the basics of CPR and life support. Lastly, you’ll explore the importance of collaborating with other team members to manage and resolve conflicts. Let’s suit up to learn how you can positively impact patients in the field of healthcare.

  • We know healthcare professionals perform job-specific skills, communicate with patients, and exhibit compassion each day, but who is responsible for keeping patients safe? The answer may surprise you! Anyone working in a healthcare facility plays a role in keeping the environment safe for everyone: patients, workers, and visitors. As we explore what it takes to maintain a safe workplace, we’ll investigate the types of hazards in these environments and the actions we need to take to protect everyone.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Describe organizations that provide safety guidelines for healthcare institutions, along with examples of patient safety goals
    • Identify ways to comply with environmental safety guidelines
    • Explain types of hazardous materials and waste found within a healthcare facility
    • Analyze ways to reduce the healthcare worker’s risk of injury in the workplace
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