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Health Science: Public Health

Health Science: Public Health


What is public health? Who decides which diseases get funding and which do not? What are the reasons for health inequality? Study both infectious and non-communicable diseases as well as learn how we conquer these on a community and global level through various methods, including proper hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition. Explore the role of worldwide current and future technologies and the ethics and governance of health on a global scale, and discover unique career opportunities you can pursue to make a difference.

  • Global Health: Those two words are large enough on their own, but together, they create a wide, almost-impossible scope for a healthcare worker. How can one person ever hope to care for the entire world? Fortunately, it isn’t up to individuals working alone; this task requires that national and regional healthcare systems work together for the improvement of everyone’s health. It’s easy enough now for people to pack up and travel across the planet; and diseases do the same thing. Only through coordination and cooperation can we hope to offer quality healthcare to everyone.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Describe an epidemiologist’s contributions to public health
    • Assess the world’s health through data analysis
    • Explain how the Sustainable Development Goals and global health are related
    • Analyze a country’s response to a disease outbreak and determine if their health system is sustainable
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