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Game Design for Chromebooks 1b: From Prototype to Product

Game Design for Chromebooks 1b: From Prototype to Product


Get ready to add some super charged rocket fuel to your galactic adventure game prototype because it’s time for it to blast into the stratosphere as a full-blown product! In this course, you’ll build on your prototype focusing on techniques to add difficulty but also increase the fun. “Fun” may sound like an elusive quality to achieve, but understanding your audience’s needs and potential immersive elements as well as the alignment and flow of your game progression will put you well on the way to creating a hit! Get ready to launch your game for all to see and collect the interstellar acclaim that follows!

  • In this course, we’ll go over more of the advanced techniques used to optimize, program, and write amazing games. It’s not enough to put together a playable prototype if the game concept and mechanics aren’t thought out. We’ll discuss the interactions between a game’s mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics and how they’re viewed from the perspective of a player as well as from a developer. We’ll also consider the impacts of gaming on society from the perspective of business and finance, as well as from the perspective of a personal player. Finally, we’ll discuss how alignment, flow, themes, and emotion tie into creating complex and compelling games. Let’s get started!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Discuss the impacts of gaming on society in relation to business, finance, and public health
    • Understand the correlation of mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics, as well as the order of reference for players compared to developers
    • Create and mold themes to affect a player’s emotion and overall mood
    • Design game projects with consideration for alignment and flow
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