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Forensic Science : Secrets of the Dead

Forensic Science : Secrets of the Dead


Fingerprints. Blood spatters. Gunshot residue. If these things intrigue you rather than scare you, then forensic science may be for you. Explore the riveting job of crime scene analysis, and learn the techniques and practices applied during a crime scene investigation, including how clues and data are recorded and preserved. Discover how technology is applied to make discoveries and bring criminals to justice.

  • Blood, fingerprints, tire tracks, and trace evidence are used to catch the criminals in TV, but how do real life forensic scientists help identify suspects? In this unit, you will be introduced to forensic science. We will discuss what forensic science consists of and how the field developed through history. You will learn about some of the responsibilities of forensic scientists and about some of the specialty areas that forensic scientists may work in.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Learn about forensic science as a field of study.
    • Discuss the history and development of the field of forensic science.
    • Examine some of the responsibilities that forensic scientists have in their work.
    • Investigate the relationship between forensic science and the criminal justice system.
    • Explore some of the specialty areas within forensic science.
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