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Entrepreneurship 1a: Introduction

Entrepreneurship 1a: Introduction


Starting a business is more than just having a good idea. Successful entrepreneurs know how to use and apply fundamental business concepts to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. Explore topics such as identifying the best business structure, business functions and operations, finance, business laws, regulations, and more! If you have ever dreamed of making a business idea a reality, take the time to establish a solid foundation of business skills to make your business dreams come true!

  • Have you ever thought about life as your own boss? Never needing to look for a job—but creating one for yourself! Starting and leading your own business can be both rewarding and challenging. Many products and services we buy and use today started as an idea from a single person or small group of people. If you are a person who embraces a challenge, loves new experiences, and has an interest in business, entrepreneurship might be the right path for you. If you love to discover new things and are not afraid of failure, you could be an entrepreneur—like millions of others before you!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Define entrepreneurship and identify examples of entrepreneurs.
    • Identify types of services provided by entrepreneurs and small businesses.
    • Discuss ways in which entrepreneurship has changed over time.
    • Recognize innovations that were created by famous entrepreneurs.
    • Evaluate resources available to assist entrepreneurs.
    • Explore ways in which entrepreneurs generate business ideas and how they define a prospective business plan.
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