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Emergency Medical Responder 1b: Prepared for Action

Emergency Medical Responder 1b: Prepared for Action


Being an emergency medical responder is dynamic and challenging. EMRs are first responders who are prepared for action! Explore how to care for diverse patients and in unique and even difficult situations. From advanced trauma to childbirth, from mass casualties to special conditions. EMRs are trained to care for, treat, move, and transport patients in various situations and play a vital role as part of an EMS response team.


  • Being an emergency medical responder is always exciting and challenging, but what happens when you arrive on the scene to find a child patient? These situations pose their own unique sets of obstacles. We’ll begin by learning about the anatomical and physiological differences between children and adults. Then, we’ll look at assessment and treatment techniques for child patients. Pediatric illnesses and specific emergencies are also covered to provide you with a solid foundation for working with these patients.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Assess child patients of all ages
    • Provide pediatric patients with treatments for medical and traumatic emergencies
    • Understand how children differ from adults in their responses to illness and trauma
    • Recognize common pediatric illnesses
    • Identify and manage children in abuse situations
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