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EKG Technician 1a: Introduction

EKG Technician 1a: Introduction


Our hearts are essential to our survival. And EKG technicians play an important role in administering tests and evaluating data given by the electrocardiogram (EKG) to treat patients effectively. Explore the cardiovascular system and its anatomy, and its role in our body, health, and lives. If you’re a people person and want to work in healthcare, build the knowledge and skill base to prepare you for a cardiovascular career.


  • Why is cardiovascular health such a hot topic? How important is it, anyway? Using reputable sources to analyze data, we’ll see the staggering statistics that answer these questions. We’ll also discover what actions are taken based on this data and compare preventative measures for diagnosis and treatment. Using this information, we’ll get “heart smart” and learn about the major steps that have been taken to improve cardiovascular health awareness.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Locate and recognize credible sources when researching topics for cause and effect
    • Identify the incidence of heart disease and disorders as well as the number of associated deaths using CDC data
    • Describe the negative effects of complications on the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
    • Compare the cost of common preventative measures with common diagnostic procedures to evaluate the effect of each on healthcare costs
    • Describe the Healthy People Initiative, including the goals, objectives, baselines, and strategies used to implement change
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