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Early Childhood Education 1b: Developing Early Learners

Early Childhood Education 1b: Developing Early Learners


Discover the joys of providing exceptional childcare and helping to develop future generations. Learn the importance of play and use it to build engaging educational activities that build literacy and math skills through each stage of childhood and special need. Use this knowledge to develop your professional skills well suited to a career in childcare.

  • Early childcare workers and caregivers serve a key role in facilitating play for young children. From birth to age six, play is essential for the child’s growth and development, providing a vast array of learning opportunities. Understanding the value of play, its role in the childcare home or center, and how adults can encourage and support children’s play is an essential part of understanding early childhood development and early childhood education.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Describe how children develop and grow cognitively during early childhood
    • Describe when play behaviors develop and how children play at different ages
    • Explain what the types of play are and how they benefit children
    • Explain how to integrate play into children’s activities in a childcare setting
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