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Cosmetology 1: Cutting Edge Styles

Cosmetology 1: Cutting Edge Styles


We all want to look our best, but did you know there is actually a science behind cutting your hair and painting your nails? Just like all careers, cosmetology requires certain skills and characteristics. You will learn about various beauty regimes related to hair, nails, skin, and spa treatments, and discover how to create your own business model quickly and efficiently while still looking fabulous, of course!

  • Students are introduced to the cosmetology field in this unit, including the specialization within the profession and current global trends in the industry. They will also learn the required training, licensing, and certifications for the various specializations and where to acquire them, as well as the kinds of careers and employment opportunities available in the field.

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Explain current trends in the cosmetology industry.
    • Discuss various careers in the cosmetology field.
    • Define growth and trends within the cosmetology industry.
    • Identify employment opportunities, including entrepreneurship, and preparation requirements in the field of cosmetology services.
    • Investigate technical knowledge and skills required to be successful in careers in the personal care services area.
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