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Business Law

Business Law


The Business Law course is designed for students who have an interest in the legalities of the business world.  Students will analyze various aspects of the legal system.  These include ethics contracts, personal property, sales, risk management, property and much more related to business law.

    • Government’s Role in Business            
    • Business Ownership & Registration     
    • The Corporation
    • Business Ethics   
    • Ethics in Business          
    • Business Law Basics       
    • Court Systems & Structures      
    • Contract & Employment Law    
    • Insurance for Business  
    • Financial Literacy: Homeownership     
    • Financial Literacy: Retirement & Estate Planning
    • Debt & Bankruptcy        
    • Customer Satisfaction    
    • Skills for Real World Survival   
    • Management of Energy, Money & Tasks
    • Employability Skills        
    • Home-Buying Basics: Understanding the Language  
    • Graduate Tips & Advice: Importance of
      Work Ethic  
    • Leadership Styles           
    • Teamwork & Collaboration       
    • Communication Styles   
    • Introduction to Professional Communication
    • Written Communication Practices
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