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Access: Office Fundamentals Series

Access: Office Fundamentals Series


Learn to create, manage, and link databases for essential business operations. Develop your database, design, and planning skills and learn to implement security features to protect and back-up your important data. Put your new skills into practice with a capstone project. The content of this course will be applicable to the Microsoft Office Suite certification exam

  • You’ve surely heard of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. But what aboutAccess?This program might be the “quiet” one in the Microsoft family, but it is most definitely mighty! Access is powering marketing, advertising, and sales decisions across the globe in ways that are both elegant and robust. It gives companies a practical way to organize and make sense of innumerable pieces of data… data that ends up revealing some surprising trends and information about customers, employees, sales, products, prices, and countless other aspects of doing business. Access is aptly named, and it’s here to stay. Consider this course your backstage pass to Microsoft’s best-kept secret. And by the end, you might just become an Access groupie for life!

    What will you learn in this unit?

    • Understand the ways databases work
    • Navigate the basic interface of Microsoft Access
    • Explain the basics of entering data into a database
    • Create a simple database
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