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George Washington

Born in Virginia on February 22, 1732, George Washinton was a humble farmer before his army and presidential career took place. He was the third oldest out of 8 children, having 2 older brothers from his father's his first marriage. At six years old, he got an axe for his birthday and tested it on a cherry tree by cutting it down. When asked, he told the truth to his father about cutting down the cherry tree. Tragically, when Washington was eleven his dad died.

Very little is known about George Washington's younger years. He spent most of his childhood on the Potomac River in Virginia, working his family’s plantation. Despite not having a regular education, he found work as a surveyor, and he earned enough to support himself. When George was 19-years old, he went with his brother Lawrence on a trip to Barbados where George came down with smallpox. Luckily, he survived, although he was scarred for life. While he was on the island, Washington toured the base and became inspired to join the military. Shortly after his recovery is when his military career began.

When George Washington’s father died when he was a child, most of the family’s property went to the two oldest sons. Washington inherited a small property and ten slaves. Slaves helped his family farm become established by working in the fields. Over the years, Washington’s slaves grew in number until he had around 500 at the time of his death. This number included the 84 slaves that his wife brought with her to their marriage. When he died, he freed 123 slaves he owned and, in his will, gave the rest of the slaves to his wife to be freed upon her death.

As a reward for his bravery during the French and Indian War, Washington was given command over a few hundred men to protect 350 miles of frontier. It was challenging for Washington, but he gained experience during the war as a leader and commander, which would help him be a better president. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington became Commander-in-Chief of the newly-created Continental Army to fight the British. His war tactic was to retreat slowly, which made the British think they were winning, and then strike unexpectedly. With this tactic, they were eventually led to victory against the British.

George Washington unified the states and led multiple committees, including the bill of rights. Washington had two presidential terms. The first term was from 1789 to 1792, and the second term was from 1793 to 1797. He did not run for a third term because he believed that no one should have that much power. When he chose his cabinet he wanted a balance, so ​​the members were chosen from different regions in the country. On July 27, 1789, he established the Department of State, which allowed deals with other countries.

In 1787, the union between the states was unraveling. To save the newly established nation, Washington oversaw a meeting in Philadelphia. They then implemented a new form of government. Washington did not want two parties, in fact, he warned against it. Three years after his last term as president, Washington died of a throat infection at his home with his loved ones by his side. He was 67 years old, and he was buried under his favorite tree, which was left standing, unlike the cherry tree of his youth.

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