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Middle School Online Course

Middle school students have the opportunity to take quality online courses. We offer flexible start times, work at your own pace. All of these courses are developed in-house by teachers and subject matter experts offering one consistent and simplistic design and interface. This allows students to focus on what’s most important, learning. Each course is designed and written with engaging curriculum narratives that employs backwards design methodology to support best practices on how today’s students learn. Each lesson is chucked into bite-sized pieces of text with the integration of visuals to keep students engaged. To increase engagement and decrease passive learning, interactive resources offer opportunities for students to engage with the content and can include diagrams, videos, slideshows, and other interactive elements.


These can be completed at your own pace throughout the school year. Assignments and projects are graded by certified teachers. All tests/quizzes are automatically graded when submitted online. Some assignments are automatically graded. Other projects are turned in to the teacher for a grade.

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The Middle School Library offers middle schools unique elective and career courses for students to explore a variety of professions and receive the knowledge and preparation needed to make life-shaping decisions prior to high school. Digital courses can serve as a textbook replacement or to supplement the classroom curriculum. All courses are equal to a one semester of class. Because they can be taken at your own pace, it may take less time. 

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