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Local Classes

These classes are for local homeschool students. Sign up now to save a seat in the class. Do not pay until after the drop date two weeks after class starts at the end of August. All students who homeschool independently or are with any homeschool programs are welcome in all our classes. If you are with a homeschool program, I can invoice them for you. I am a vendor with Alaska Homeschool, Raven, IDEA, and Matsu Central. The syllabus for each class is at the bottom.

Note: For all local families who attend in-person classes or activities, membership is required to access our services. Each student who enrolls with us will need their own membership. Your homeschool program will cover the cost of membership. Please go to our Membership page to sign up each student that will be attending classes with us.

Delta Junction Families
2023 - 2024
Elementary Classes
Middle School Classes
High School Classes
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