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We are excited to offer a variety of classes and workshops to our homeschool families. We have over one hundred Career and Technical Education Courses online for high school students across the nation. We also offer sixteen industry recognized certification courses for high schoolers and adults wanting to improve employability. In addition, local STEM classes are being offered, which include science clubs and robotics classes from K-8th grade. Workshops are also offered to parents to help them gain the tools they need to teach their child with confidence and excellence.

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Industry certifications are developed by industry leaders and reflect the needs of real-world career expectations and distinguish individuals from their peers when applying for jobs. Available for high school and adults.


Training workshops for parents are designed to help you gain the tools you need to teach your child reading, writing, and math with confidence and excellence.

High school students now have the opportunity to take quality Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses online. Self-paced. Flexible start times. Teacher Supported.


Local STEM classes for all K-8th grade. Classes include both science clubs and robotics.

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